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A British woman bought a derelict two-story house in Liverpool for £1. She then spent £56,000 on renovations, but has since run out of money to complete the job — take a look.

Maxine Sharples bought a house in Liverpool for just £1, and close to £60,000 on renovations later, her house is still incomplete.
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A Miami couple spent 5 years building an off-the-grid holiday hut on an island in the Bahamas, and they did almost all of it by hand — check it out

The Brillharts constructed the hut frame in their Miami backyard, then took it all apart and shipped it to Eleuthera, an island in the Bahamas.
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A pastel-colored, Egyptian-themed mansion on the river Thames is on the market for $3 million, and it comes with a black indoor pool — check it out

The two-story home is the last thing you'd expect to find in the English countryside. The rest of the street is dominated by brick buildings.
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A narrow house in Washington, DC, is on the market for the first time since 1985, for $3.5 million. The architect turned the original home on the lot into its basement — check it out.

The architect Djahanguir Darvish designed and built a narrow house in Washington, DC, for his family. He's now listing the home for $3.5 million.
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A mansion on a private island in Minnesota is on the market for $6.6 million, and most of it can be controlled by iPad — check it out

"It's easy to get to shore, but you're half a mile at minimum away from anybody else's place," Nathan Landucci, the owner and listing agent, said.
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The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas was locked down and one person was found dead in a hotel room shooting: police

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a tweet that one person was found dead in a hotel room.
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An Indiana couple spent 20 years turning a high-school basketball gym into a home. They're listing it for $299,000, and the agent says 'it still smells like a gym.'

"I graduated from that gym in 1969, I could tell you where I was sitting," the listing agent Roy Wilson told Insider.
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A historic, 1,100-acre equestrian estate just 50 miles west of Washington DC is on the market for $27.5 million — check it out

The Llangollen Cup, a horse-racing meet, was hosted here in the 1930s and it attracted over 20,000 spectators, the listing agent told Insider.
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A mansion in Disney World is on the market for $15 million, and it's less than 10 miles away from all 4 theme parks — check it out

"The ideal buyer is obviously someone who loves Disney like most of the people in the neighborhood," listing agent Chris Christensen told Insider.
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In Japan, 'accident properties' that have been the scene of a death carry a heavy stigma. Meet the people selling and renting these homes, often at a discount.

"I was weighing the pros and cons of the apartment when I thought, 'People have to die somewhere? What's the difference?'" a former tenant told Insider.
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A New York couple bought an A-frame cabin 100 miles from the city and spent a year renovating it as a pandemic project. Now they're listing it for $585,000 — check it out.

They bought the property in August 2020 for $160,000. Two years and a renovation later, they're listing it for $400,000 more than they bought it for.
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A Long Island equestrian estate that was featured in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is on the market for $10 million — take a look inside

Episodes from two other television shows, including "Elementary" starring Lucy Liu, were also filmed at the house, the listing agent told Insider.
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Johnny Cash's old ranch is on the market for $1.8 million, and the agent says it's a 'virtual time capsule.' Check it out.

"The home is a virtual time capsule, as if Johnny and Vivian just stepped out," one of the listing agents told Insider.
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A Quonset home with a luxurious, open-concept living space is on the market in Texas for $3.9 million. Take a look inside.

The owners decided on the Quonset design for efficiency, low maintenance, and functionality, one of the listing agents told Insider.
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A 3-bedroom Frank Lloyd Wright home in America's most expensive ZIP code is listed for $7 million. Take a look inside.

The median listing home price in Atherton, California, is $15 million, making it America's most expensive ZIP code in 2022.
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A Scottish man bought an abandoned stone cottage in his village and turned it into his first tiny home over 11 months — check it out

"The floor was basically just ground and mud. There was no concrete floor," he said. "The windows were bad. The roof needed quite a lot of work."
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A Portland homeowner renovated his house 3 times over the past decade, but never got a chance to live in it. Now he's selling it for $1.47 million — take a look inside.

"When the sun's out, the birds are singing, and you have the doors open, it just feels like you're almost in the woods," owner Aaron Cain said.
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A century-old mansion located by Lake Geneva is on the market for $30.3 million, and each of its 9 bedrooms has a different design — check it out

"It's a really rare property," listing agent Marion Baltisberger from Cardis Immobilier Sotheby's International Realty told Insider.
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A lawyer bought a 60-acre compound near Yellowstone National Park for his family of 13. Now, he's selling it for $23.5 million — check it out.

While the homeowner, Nick Rowley, is putting the house on the market, he's not going far: He owns 260 neighboring acres.
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A Venice penthouse that overlooks one of the city's canals went to auction with a guide price of $3 million — check it out

Many historical features of the home have been preserved, including beamed ceilings, terrazzo tile floors, and red brick walls.
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