The 11 best luggage brands for all your summer travels, including carry-ons to help you avoid baggage delays

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Travel is picking up in a big way this summer, but travel delays and cancellations are at an all-time high this year due to continued staffing shortages, extreme weather events, and route cuts.

While the right suitcase may not save you from travel-related headaches, you certainly don't want your luggage to be a contributor to your travel woes. You'll want something sturdy and reliable, and if you can swing it, you may want to consider traveling with just a carry-on until airlines are able to ramp up their staffing and cut back on cancellations. 

As a travel editor, I've tested more than a dozen brands over the years, including for our guide to the best carry-ons. I've pulled together my top choices for the best luggage brands at various price points to consider.

Here are the best luggage brands of 2022


away sale luggage travel accessories

Chances are you've seen this buzzy brand popular with millennials pop up on your Instagram at one point or another. Away has multiple options for roller luggage, including hard-sided, expandable, and aluminum. It even has some bags with soft front pockets for extra organization and you can choose from four different sizes to suit your needs. Bags are available in both neutral hues and bright, eye-catching colors. However, what really sets Away apart from other options is the fact that many of its roller bags come with a removable battery pack so you can easily charge your electronics on the go and still meet FAA regulations. 

In addition to roller bags, the brand also a range of other bags and travel accessories, including backpacks, duffles, pet carriers, totes, packing cubes, totes, and more. I've personally owned Away luggage for years and can attest to its durability and practicality. 

You can read our full Away Carry-On review here.

Worth a look:


Rachel Askinasi/Business Insider

When it comes to value, Samsonite makes excellent luggage at some of the best prices, which is why we named it our top overall pick for the best carry-on. Samsonite offers numerous options for roller bags, including both hard-side and soft-side carry-ons and checked luggage, as well as wheeled underseat bags and even roller duffles. 

Samsonite's luggage comes in various sleek and simple designs and in mostly neutral colors, though there are a few brighter options. It also sells several two- and three-piece sets if you want to pair small, medium, and large roller bags together. In addition to traditional roller luggage, Samsonite also offers classic backpacks, wheeled backpacks, duffles, briefcases, wallets, dop kits, and more. There are even some cool wheeled garment bags that can fit under your seat and will fit far more than your typical folding or hanging garment bag. I've owned a Samsonite bag for over three years now and it's held up incredibly well.

You can read our full Samsonite Centric Carry-On review here.

Worth a look:

American Tourister

American Tourister Lifestyle Image
American Tourister

For solid luggage that won't break the bank, American Tourister is a great option. Many of its carry-ons start under $100, and while they may not last you a lifetime, they certainly won't break down anytime soon either. The hard-sided bags are made from a sturdy ABS material, and the spinner wheels aren't quite as high-end as premium options but still easily roll on most surfaces. While these suitcases don't come with tons of extras (be aware that some don't come with built-in TSA locks), the interiors are still thoughtfully designed for easy packing. 

American Tourister has numerous roller bag options in varying sizes, including both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases. There is also a line of Disney luggage that kids especially might love. While there are also some nice wheeled underseat bags, American Tourister hasn't branched out much from classic roller bags, so you'll want to look elsewhere if a duffle or weekender bag is more your aim.

Worth a look:


gray and brown travelpro soft-sided carry-on suitcase

Created by an airline pilot, Travelpro has long been known for its well-built and thoughtful luggage. Travelpro mostly makes soft-side luggage and rightfully earned its spot as our top pick for the best soft-sided carry-on. I personally love the clear attention to detail that comes with a Travelpro bag, from the whisper-quiet spinner wheels to the tear-resistant material and sturdy buckles.

In addition to rolling luggage, Travelpro has options for underseat bags (rolling and not), toiletry bags, backpacks, foldable duffels, garment bags (which often come included with a carry-on), luggage tags, laptop bags, and more.

You can read our full Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-On review here.

Worth a look:


RIMOWA suitcase review
Sunny Chanel/Business Insider

When it comes to high-end luggage, Rimowa is a consistent standout that uses premium materials to create long-lasting and recognizable pieces. Its ribbed aluminum luggage, which comes in every color from simple silver to a cherry red, is particularly popular — though it will cost you upwards of $1,000. However, thanks to heavy-duty construction that still manages to be lightweight, the rollers might be worth it if budget isn't an issue for you.

For a slightly more cost-effective (though still pricey) option, I particularly love the Essential Lite collection, which I named the best high-end hard-side carry-on thanks to the fact that it's incredibly durable but weighs less than five pounds. Unfortunately, if you're a fan of soft-sided suitcases, Rimowa is not the brand for you, and there aren't as many accessories available as some other brands. But Rimowa does also make weekenders, totes, packing cubes, and luggage tags.

You can read our full Rimowa Essential Lite carry-on review here.

Worth a look:

Briggs & Riley

briggs & riley Lifestyle Image (13)
Briggs & Riley

Premium design using hybrid fiberglass frames, ballistic nylon, reinforced corners, whisper-quiet wheels that work well on all surfaces, and smooth YKK zippers sets Briggs & Riley apart. In fact, we named Briggs & Riley our top pick for the best high-end soft-side carry-on. I particularly like the super-smart interior features that truly elevate these suitcases, from a special CX compression-expansion system that increases packing capacity by 25%, to making sure the adjustable handle is entirely on the outside of the bag so no packing room is lost to the poles. These suitcases are certainly investment pieces, but they're built to last and also come with a lifetime warranty.

While I find the soft-sided bags to be some of Briggs & Riley's best options, there are also some nice hard-sided carry-ons and checked bags for those who prefer to go that route. In addition to roller bags, Briggs & Riley also makes backpacks, duffles, weekends, laptop bags, and travel accessories of all types, including packing cubes, travel pillows, adapters, and more.

Worth a look:


BRICS Collection Page Image Itaca 01

Bric's is probably best known for its high-end Bellagio collection of luggage, both recognizable and revered for its durable, but ultra-light polycarbonate exterior with leather trim that gives it a nostalgic trunk feel. It's the little details that set this Italian brand apart, including Hinomoto wheels, matching interior linings, and premium zippers. That's why you've likely seen a luxury travel guru wheeling this bag through the airport, or, if you're an eagle-eyed "Schitt's Creek" fan, may have caught Alexis Rose using this collection to pack up her belongings. 

However, for those not ready to spend $600 on a carry-on, Bric's also has several more affordable suitcases in both hard-sided and soft-sided options. The Capri collection features striking exterior detailing in a wide range of colors at a mid-tier price point, while B/Y Zeus will appear to soft-sided fans.

The brand also has a sale section where you can sometimes score premium collections that typically start at $650 or more for under $200. Along with roller bags, Bric's also has options for leather duffles, travel backpacks, wallets, and more.

You can read our full Bric's Capri luggage review here.     

Worth a look:



Like Rimowa, Tumi luggage pieces are an investment. But they're a worthy one since these suitcases will likely last you years, if not decades. Combining a refined aesthetic with functionality and durability, Tumi has rightfully earned its place as a favorite among luxury travelers. With numerous options of all sizes for both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases, Tumi has bags to suit just about all tastes. 

Its well-thought-out suitcases include premium spinner wheels, heavy-duty zippers, scratch- and tear-resistant exteriors, and well-designed interiors that help travelers maximize every last inch of space. In addition to roller luggage, Tumi is also well known for its premium totes and briefcases, and also makes duffles, travel wallets, backpacks, duffles, care kits, travel umbrellas, and more. 


Monos Bags Lifestyle Image

Monos is a newer start-up that doesn't have as many suitcase options as the other luggage brands on our list, but it's worth mentioning since it's one of the best suitcases on the market with a hard front pocket that gives you an easy place to safely store laptops and extras. Monos suitcases are durable, come in an array of colors, and are well-priced. Plus, all of the luggage comes with a 100-day trial period and a limited lifetime warranty. The same brand also makes some of our favorite durable packing cubes.

Currently, Monos has two sizes of carry-on that either come with a front pocket or not depending on your preferences, plus a medium-sized roller bag and a checked luggage option. Monos also make a backpack, duffle, folio kit, and a travel-size CleanPod UVC Sterilizer.

You can read our full Monos luggage review here.


Victorinox Swiss Army Lifestyle Image (16)
Victorinox Swiss Army

The same brand that makes premium Swiss Army knives and watches also makes high-quality luggage built to last. Victorinox luggage falls in the mid- to high-tier of pricing but its durability makes it a good value choice. The brand also frequently has luggage on sale during big shopping holidays when you can score suitcases for less. As you might expect from a Swiss Army company, the interiors of most suitcases are also thoughtfully designed to maximize packing space. 

Victorinox offers both hard-sided and soft-sided roller bags of numerous sizes including classic carry-ons, checked bags, medium-sized suitcases, and smaller wheeled underseat bags that can fit laptops and accessories. Beyond roller bags, Victorinox also offers briefcases, duffles, backpacks, totes, dop kits, garment bags, and more.


delsey Lifestyle Image (13)

If you like the look of Bric's cream suitcases with leather trim, you may also want to consider Delsey's Chatelet line of hard-sided luggage. While these suitcases start around the same price as Bric's, they can be found on sale more frequently, often for half the price. Delsey's Titanium suitcases are also a fan-favorite option since they are ultra-lightweight but incredibly durable. Some suitcases feature a smart front compartment for stowing laptops, magazines, and other accessories you want to easily access while on the go. 

Delsey has numerous options for roller bags for domestic and international travel in both hard-sided and soft-sided variations (though more hard-sided), as well as several luggage sets. It even has an eco-friendly line of laptop bags and duffles using recycled materials.  

Worth a look:

Luggage FAQs

Is hard-sided or soft-sided luggage better?

There are pros and cons to each. In general, hard-sided luggage offers more protection for your belongings than soft-sided luggage.

For checked bags, you're best bet is hard-sided luggage, since it can withstand tough handling and having other items stacked on top. Soft-sided luggage may be a good option if you want more flexibility, since fabric-made suitcases have a lot more give. Soft-sided pieces are a good option for carry-ons because they can flex and compress to fit into tight overhead bins.  

What size luggage should I buy?

We think it's best to start with a carry-on size, since it offers the most flexibility, whether you want to keep it in the cabin or check it. Most US airlines cap carry-on size at 22 inches long, 14 inches wide and 9 inches high, including handles and wheels.

When it comes to buying a checked bag, you'll want something between 25 and 29 inches long. Airlines typically charge a fixed fee for checked bags up to a certain weight, so it may be tempting to think a bigger suitcase is always better. However, bigger pieces of luggage come with more weight of their own, don't protect your items well when they're underpacked, and encourage overpacking, which can lead to higher baggage fees (or the dreaded airport floor repacking). 

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