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15 celebrities you probably forgot were in a 'Bring It On' movie

Rihanna, Vivica A. Fox, and Solange have all appeared in various "Bring It On" sequels, after the original debuted 22 years ago.
Entertainment 2021-11-03T17:23:03Z

Every time the Kardashians have played themselves on-screen in movies and TV

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kris Jenner all recently poked fun at themselves during Kim's episode of "SNL."
Entertainment 2021-08-30T17:31:45Z

All the cameos you missed in 'He's All That,' from Spencer X to Addison Rae's ex Bryce Hall

"He's All That," in addition to its leading lady Addison Rae, also features cameos from TikTokers like Rae's ex Bryce Hall and beatboxer Spencer X.
Entertainment 2021-08-09T19:42:22Z

48 celebrities you may have forgotten were on 'The West Wing'

Over the course of "The West Wing," there were plenty of familiar faces, including Amy Adams, Laura Dern, and Matthew Perry.
Celebrity 2021-03-01T19:35:46Z

43 surprising 'Sex and the City' cameos you might have forgotten about

Throughout its 94 episodes across six seasons, "Sex and the City" featured some very famous faces. The show is now getting a revival on HBO Max.
Entertainment 2021-01-21T22:17:40Z

11 political figures who appeared on 'Parks and Recreation,' from Joe Biden to Newt Gingrich

Politicians from both sides of the aisle made time for cameos on "Parks and Recreation," including future president Joe Biden.
Entertainment 2020-09-24T17:32:00Z

66 celebrities you probably forgot guest-starred on 'Friends'

The show's main stars are A-listers, but it's impressive how many other famous actors the show packed into its 10 seasons.
Culture 2020-03-27T21:40:04Z

Stars and fans are flocking to Cameo during quarantine, and the platform's CEO says 'CameoCon' will be another way to connect

Cameo CEO Steven Galanis said the company has recently had its "best weeks," with the platform receiving up to 4,500 requests a day.
Entertainment 2019-12-23T20:26:08Z

27 celebrity cameos you probably missed while watching 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'

How closely were you watching the new sequel? Here are a few of the cameos you'd never notice while watching the newest chapter of the film franchise.
Entertainment 2019-08-09T20:15:00Z

34 times celebrities unexpectedly appeared on your favorite TV shows

From Britney Spears and Brad Pitt to Serena Williams, television shows have some the best unexpected celebrity guest stars to catch.
Entertainment 2019-05-03T15:56:00Z

All 8 times musicians sneakily appeared on 'Game of Thrones'

From Ed Sheeran to Chris Stapleton and more, HBO's fantasy drama has featured several appearances by pop stars who want to be part of the series.
Entertainment 2019-01-18T22:00:08Z

40 celebrities that have appeared on 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

Before "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" releases its final episodes, we rounded up the 40 best celebrity cameos from the show.
Entertainment 2019-01-09T18:47:18Z

41 celebrities you probably forgot appeared on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Stars including Pete Davidson, Nick Offerman, and Eva Longoria have all been on the cop comedy.
Entertainment 2019-01-07T14:29:00Z

30 stars you totally forgot were on 'Cheers'

"Cheers" went on for almost 300 episodes, so there have been many celebrities you probably forgot appeared on the iconic sitcom over its 11 seasons.
Entertainment 2018-12-21T14:10:30Z

12 times Britney Spears appeared in movies and TV

Britney Spears is known as a singer, but she has shown her acting chops over the years with her many cameos.
Culture 2018-09-21T13:34:00Z

50 celebrities you totally forgot were on 'NCIS'

NCIS has been on air for 15 seasons and shows no signs of slowing down — in fact, it was just renewed for a 16th season. Over the course of the show's 350 episodes, many famous faces have come into contact with the NCIS team. Do you remember them all?
Culture 2018-09-19T21:02:50Z

15 times celebrities made cameos in movies that poked fun at themselves — proving that even A-listers can take a joke

Sometimes, celebrities take themselves a little too seriously. But a lot of the time, famous people are willing to poke fun at their public personas, and appear as fictionalized versions of themselves in movies. Have you seen all of these films featuring celebs playing themselves?
Culture 2018-09-17T17:18:00Z

The 30 most delightfully random celebrity movie cameos that you may have missed

When a celebrity cameo is used right, it can be hilarious. We rounded up 30 instantly epic cameos in beloved movies that made them go from good to great.
Culture 2018-05-17T16:28:00Z

50 celebrities you forgot appeared on 'Law and Order: SVU'

Over the past 19 seasons, many familiar faces have popped up alongside our favorite detectives. From country stars to Academy Award-winning actors, here are 50 celebrities you might have forgotten you've seen on "SVU."
Culture 2016-09-07T13:35:00Z

5 musician cameos you probably missed on 'Game of Thrones'

From Coldplay to metal band Mastadon, there have been several appearances by popular bands who want to be part of the "Game of Thrones" magic.
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