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11 onscreen couples who are best friends in real life

Some celebrity friendships create strong onscreen chemistry, such as longtime friends Abbi Jacobson and D'Arcy Carden in "A League of Their Own."
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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been close since they were kids. Here's a timeline of their 40-year friendship.

They're one of the best bromances in Hollywood, but the award-winning actors actually met as kids in the 1980s. Here's their full friendship story.
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18 on-screen friends who are actually best friends in real life

Many iconic TV and film friend characters have become real friends on set and continued their relationships for years, off-screen.
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Beyoncé applauded Meghan Markle's 'courage' and wished her a happy birthday on her website. Here's a timeline of their friendship.

Beyoncé is one of Meghan Markle's many celebrity friends. Here's a timeline of their high-profile friendship.
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Prince Harry and neighbor Orlando Bloom 'keep in contact' to warn each other about nearby paparazzi

In an interview on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, Prince Harry revealed how he and neighbor Orlando Bloom help each other avoid paparazzi.
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10 of the biggest celebrity friendship breakups

Seth Rogen recently said he had no plans to work with longtime friend and collaborator James Franco again following allegations of sexual misconduct.
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17 times celebrities got matching tattoos with other stars

From famous BFFs to celebrity power couples, here are some of the most iconic stars who have gotten matching tattoos together.
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Beyoncé sent Katy Perry a bouquet of white flowers and a handwritten card to welcome the singer to motherhood

Katy Perry, who gave birth to her first child, Daisy Dove Bloom, on August 26, gave fans a look at baby gifts from Beyoncé and Lionel Richie.
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13 actors who play onscreen enemies but are actually friends in real life

From "Breaking Bad" and "Riverdale" to the "Harry Potter" series, a lot of your favorite movies and shows feature close pals who play rivals.
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Lenny Kravitz discussed what it was like being friends with Mariah Carey when she was a coat check girl at a sports bar

"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen asked Lenny Kravitz if Mariah Carey was always a "diva," even when the two were "struggling artists" together in New York City.
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20 celebrities who met before they were famous

It's hard to imagine what celebrities were like before they were famous. It's even harder to imagine your favorite celebrities hanging out as non-famous friends. Here are 20 celebrities who knew each other long before they rose to fame.
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7 celebrity pairs who made up after fighting for years

Hollywood is full of famous feuds, but many of the subjects of those feuds have had equally-famous makeups. We rounded up some of the most historic fights in Hollywood that have ended on a good note.
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The story of how Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence became friends involves a 'stalker' named 'John the Orchestra Guy'

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have been close friends for a while now, but they just shared the story of how they first met.