Christopher Mannino

Parenting 2022-08-25T09:30:00Z

Some parents are choosing to 'worldschool' their kids, traveling from country to country in the process

There isn't one way to "worldschool" children — some families enroll their kids in public schools around the world, while others homeschool.
Parenting 2022-08-16T09:40:00Z

I was offered 3 days of paternity leave. I ended up leaving my job.

The author shared how he and his wife delayed their plans to have children so that he could be off during the summer from his teaching job.
Parenting 2022-08-11T09:00:00Z

We're raising our kids vegan. It sometimes leads to isolation and hard choices.

The author is vegan and raising his children vegan. He's run into challenges with eating at birthday parties and deciding whether to go to zoos.
Parenting 2022-08-07T11:15:00Z

My family just came back from a mediocre resort. We'd go back in a heartbeat just because of the childcare.

The author shares how after visiting Club Med Sandpiper Bay and leaving a two-star review, they'd return just because of childcare.
Parenting 2022-07-14T18:16:50Z

Dads are obsessed with Bluey's dad, Bandit, who drops everything to play with his kids and constantly makes mistakes

The third season of "Bluey" is coming to the US, and parents are excited to see their favorite family. For some dads, Bandit has become a role model.
Parenting 2022-06-18T11:10:00Z

I left my job to become a stay-at-home dad. I now have the best job in the world.

The author shares how he and his wife decided it was better for their kids if one of them stayed at home. He decided to do it and has no regrets.
Parenting 2022-06-01T20:57:18Z

I don't know how much time I'll have with my kids. I'm trying to embrace the joy in the face of despair.

The author shares how at a time when the news can be incredibly depressing, he tries to focus on happy moments with his children.