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A Missouri school district is letting parents 'opt-in' to allowing corporal punishment to be used on their children. Doctors have strongly advised against it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has put out guidance that advises against any form of spanking or corporal punishment.
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A Georgia charter school is bringing back paddling as a way to discipline students — but only a third of the school's parents approve

A charter school in Georgia is planning to use paddling as a form of punishment to discipline its students this year. Just over a third of parents — or about 100 — have signed consent forms allowing the faculty at Georgia School for Innovation and Classics to paddle their children
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A Georgia school district held back millions of dollars from a chain of alternative schools over abuse allegations

A Georgia school district delayed awarding a $6.4 million contract to the company Camelot Education over abuse allegations.
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Public schools in 21 states still hit kids, and black students are disproportionately affected

Corporal punishment disproportionately affected African-American students, who comprise 38% of those physically disciplined, despite making up 22% of students.