Here's how much a marriage license costs in each state

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Wedding license costs vary by state.
  • Getting married requires you to pay a fee for a marriage license. 
  • These fees vary greatly state by state.
  • Even within states, the fees sometimes vary country by county. 
  • Whether or not you're a resident of the county can also impact how much you pay. 

Weddings can be so beautiful, yet so expensive. The dress, the venue, invitations, food, the list goes on. But before you can walk down the aisle, there's one thing you must do: get a marriage license. It's the golden ticket to authorizing a marriage union.

Here's how much it costs to obtain a marriage license in all 50 states, plus the nation's capital:

In Alabama, it costs $40-$80 to get a marriage license.

montgomery alabama

In the state of Alabama, you can receive a marriage license from any county, regardless of where you live or are getting married (within the state). The cost of the license ranges but starts at $43.35, according to

Alaska's has a flat fee for marriage licenses of $60.

Part of the town of Cordova, Alaska is seen at the base of Mount Eyak
A file photo of the town of Cordova, Alaska is seen at the base of Mount Eyak
AP Photo/Al Grillo

Before a marriage license is issued in Alaska, an application must be completed. The application must be submitted to the Bureau of Vital Statistics (Bureau) or a local Alaska Court, and the flat fee of the marriage license is $60.

Arizona's fee varies but is around $76.

monument valley arizona

In Arizona, both parties must be present in order to get a marriage license and the cost varies by county but seems to hover around $78-$83

Arkansas's fee is $60 with a government ID.

lake ouachita arkansas
Kat Byrd I/Shutterstock

There is no waiting period for getting a marriage license in Arkansas, but the engaged couple must appear in person together at any County Clerk's office in the state. Along with having a valid government ID, the license is $60 cash.

California's marriage license fee varies by county.

venice beach california
View Apart/Shutterstock

In California, the County Clerk's office issues all marriage licenses. The office requires that both parties not be married to each other, or to other people prior to receiving the license. The fee of the license varies by county. It can cost from $45-100, according to The Spruce

Colorado has a low marriage license fee of $30.

boulder colorado

The cost of a marriage license in Colorado is probably as much as you might spend to fill up your tank: $30. Also, if one party cannot be there at the time of receiving the application due to illness, is out of the state of Colorado, or incarcerated, then they can get an absentee application.

Connecticut's fee appears to be $50.

Cornwall Connecticut Bridge
Nancy Kennedy/Shutterstock

Connecticut's marriage license fee is $50, according to Hartford City Hall though other sources have listed it at $30

In Delaware the fee for state residents is $50, and $120 for out of state residents.

Cape Henlopen, Delaware

In the First State, it is mandatory for applicants have previously been married to provide an original or certified copy of their divorce decree, legal annulment, dissolution, or death certificate. If at least one person in the pair is a state resident, the license fee is $50, and if neither live in Delaware, then the fee is $120.

In Florida, you can get a discounted fee or the original fee of $93.50.

miami florida
Tono Balaguer/Shutterstock

The original fee for a marriage license is $93.50, but state residents who complete a premarital preparation course can get a discount of up to $32.50. Without taking the course, state residents have a three-day waiting period for their license, but if they take the course the waiting period is waived.

When you take a premarital education course in Georgia, it only costs $27 to get a marriage license.

Savannah Georgia
Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

In Georgia, there's no expiration date to a marriage license, but it does pay to take a premarital education course. If the couple has completed a qualifying premarital education program, the marriage license fee is $27. Without certification of a premarital education program, the marriage license fee is $67.

Hawaii's fee is $60.

Skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii
Skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii

The minimum age to marry in Hawaii is 15 with written consent from both parents or legal guardians, while the legal age is 18. The cost of a marriage license in this state is $60 plus $5 administration costs and is only valid in the state.

Idaho's prices vary by county and never expire.

Sandpoint Idaho
D. Taylor/ Flickr

There's no expiration date when it comes to marriage licenses in Idaho. All licenses are issued by the county Clerk/Recorders, and the price varies by county but is usually around $30.

In Illinois, the price is $60.

willis tower chicago top
The top of the Willis Tower.
Angel Stellrecht/Shutterstock

A marriage license in the state of Illinois is only valid for 60 days, one day after it is issued by the County Clerk's Office. The fee can is $60, according to Cook County's site. 

In Indiana, marriage licenses costs $18 for state residents and $60 for out-of-state residents.

fort wayne indiana best cities in US
Katherine Welles/Shutterstock

Both applicants must be present at the time of applying for the license. If one or both people are state residents, then the cost is $18, if not, then $60 is the fee.

Iowa's fee is $35.

cedar falls iowa
Wikimedia Commons

The waiting period to receive a marriage license in Iowa is three days, and it costs $35.

Kansas' marriage licenses cost $85.50.

flint hills kansas sunset
hak seob kim/Shutterstock

A marriage license is good for six months after receiving it for the ceremony to be performed anywhere in the state. It costs $85.50 for a marriage license, according to Douglas County and does not vary by county. 

Kentucky's marriage license fee is $35.50.

Horse Farm Kentucky
Ed Reinke/AP

Both parties must be present at the time of applying for the marriage license, which costs $35.50 and does not vary by county. 

The fee can range from $25-$35 in Louisiana.

lake martin louisiana
Bonnie Taylor Barry/Shutterstock

Did you know, in Louisiana, two witnesses must sign the marriage license at the time of the ceremony? Each parish can set their own cost but both the East Baton Rouge Parish and the Orleans Parish charging $27.50.

Maine's fee is $40.

portland maine autumn fall water
Flickr/Jeff Gunn

There's no waiting period to get married in Maine, and the marriage license is issued at the town or city level. In Portland and Bangar, for example, the fee is $40. 

Maryland's fees vary.

ocean city maryland
ARENA Creative/Shutterstock

Marriage license fees vary from county to county in Maryland. St. Mary's County charges $70 but Prince George's County charges only $25. In addition, there is a 48-hour waiting period after getting the license to get married.

In Massachusetts it varies by city.

beacon hill boston massachusetts night
Jon Bilous/Shutterstock

There's no set fee, and the fee varies by city or town. In Springfield, for example, the cost is $40 but in Boston, the cost is $50. 

In Michigan it costs $20 for state residents and $30 for non-residents.

mackinac island michigan
Michael Deemer/Shutterstock

In Michigan, you have to have two witnesses present when obtaining a marriage license. The cost is $20 for state residents and $30 for non-residents.

In Minnesota you can take a premarital education course and pay a fee of $40.

biking minneapolis minnesota

Regardless of where you're getting married in Minnesota or the county you live in, you can obtain a marriage license in any county. The fee is $40.00 with the completion of a Premarital Education course, and $115.00 without taking the course.

Mississippi's fees vary by county.

biloxi mississippi gulf coast
Rob Hainer/Shutterstock

Eighteen is too young to be married in Mississippi. In this state, you have to be at least 21 to get married. To get a marriage license here the fee varies by county. According to Clarion Ledger, the passing of Senate Bill 2704 increases marriage license fees to $50. The license now is $20, but counties can add a couple of dollars in archives fees.

Missouri's marriage license costs vary.

St Louis Missouri Winter
Jeff Roberson/AP

The cost of a marriage license in Missouri varies but generally costs $50, according to City Applications. 

It is a $53 fee for a marriage license in Montana.

Glacier National Park Montana

Both parties must be present for the application of the marriage license, and it's valid for 180 days after the issue date. The fee is $53.

In Nebraska there is a $25 free for the license and $9 fee for the certified copy.

David Wilson/Flickr

In Nebraska, the total fee ($34) for a marriage license is broken down into two parts: $25 for the actual license, and $9 for the certified copy.

Nevada's fees vary per county.

Las Vegas Nevada

In Nevada, the marriage license allows a couple to marry in the state, but does not serve as proof of marriage. Cost of the license varies by county. In Washoe County, for example, the cost is $60. 

New Hampshire's fee is $50.

new hampshire
jimbowen0306 via Flickr

The marriage license fee is $50.

New Jersey's marriage license costs $28.

New Jersey beaches
Sea Bright, NJ.

A marriage license is valid for six months in New Jersey, and the cost is $28.

New Mexico will get accept cash or card for its $25 fee.

New Mexico
Tim Pleasant/Shutterstock

As soon as you get a marriage license in New Mexico, it's valid. There's no waiting. The $25 fee can be paid with either cash or card.

Marriage licenses cost $35 in New York City and $40 everywhere else in the state of New York.

new york
Flickr/Kolitha de Silva

If you want to get married in New York City, then you can start a marriage license application online, but the completion and signing of the application must be done in person by both parties. A license in New York City is $35, and $40 everywhere else in the state.

In North Carolina the fee is $60.

north carolina
Shutterstock/Derek Olson Photography

The fee of a marriage license in North Carolina is $60, and the license must be returned to the appropriate county after the ceremony, according to The North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

The marriage license fee in North Dakota is $65.

North Dakota badlands
Earl D. Walker/Shutterstock

Two people must serve as witnesses for the signing of the marriage license, and the cost is $65 and doesn't vary between counties. 

Ohio's fee varies by county.

cleveland ohio night
Kenneth Sponsler/Shutterstock

In Ohio, you must apply for a marriage license in the county in which one of the applicants lives. The cost varies by county. In Franklin County, for example, the cost is $65 and in Hamilton County the cost is $75.

A marriage license only costs $5 in Oklahoma if you go to premarital counseling.

tulsa oklahoma
Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

If you complete premarital counseling then the cost of the marriage license is $5, if not, then it's $50.

In Oregon the fee is $60.

tilikum crossing bridge portland oregon
Steve Morgan/Wikimedia Commons

The waiting period for a marriage license in Oregon is three days, and the fee is $60. The fee does not vary. 

Pennsylvania's fee depends on the county.

Pennsylvania State Capitol

In the state of Pennsylvania, it is advised to get your marriage license two to three weeks prior to the ceremony. The cost varies. In Philadelphia, a license will cost you $90 but in Berks County, the cost is $55. Check your local county website for more information. 

A marriage license costs $24 in Rhode Island.

providence rhode island

The cost of a marriage license in Rhode Island is $24.

The fee in South Carolina varies by county.

Charleston South Carolina
Sean Pavone/iStock

The fee varies by county, but the marriage license in South Carolina never expires. In Charleston, a license will cost you $70 and in Spartanburg County, a license goes for $75


South Dakota's fee is $40 for in-state residents.

south dakota

You don't even have to live in South Dakota to get married there. But if you do, then the cost of a marriage license is $40.

You get $60 of your marriage license fee in Tennessee if you take a premarital preparation course.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

If the couple takes a premarital preparation course within one year of applying for a marriage license then they get $60 off their fee. The fee varies by county.

In Davidson County, for example, the fee is $99.50 if you don't take a course. 

In Texas, the cost depends on the county.

dallas texas skyline night
Nat Chittamai/Shutterstock

It can range depending on the county. For example, the fee for a Formal Marriage License in Wise County is $88 and the cost for an Informal Marriage License (Common Law) is $53. If you have completed the state marital education course Twogether in Texas then $60 is deducted, however. 

Utah's fee is $40.

maze canyonlands national park utah
Arlene Treiber Waller/Shutterstock

The cost of a marriage license in Utah varies by county. In Utah County, for example, the cost is $40. In Salt Lake County, however, the cost is $50.

The marriage license fee in Vermont is $60.

Jenne Farm Vermont
Jitze Couperus/Flickr

To get a marriage license in Vermont, you must at the City/Town Clerk's office with a copy of your birth certificate. The fee of the license is $60 and is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued. 

Virginia's marriage license fee is $30.

virginia battlefield
Israel Pabon/Shutterstock

You can go to any circuit court in the state to apply for a marriage license. The cost is $30. The fee does not vary. 

In Washington state it varies by county.

Olympic National Park, Washington State

The cost of a marriage license in the state of Washington varies by county. In King's County, for example, the cost is $67. In Pierce County, the cost rises to $68.


The $56 fee in West Virginia can be lowered to $36 after taking a premarital certificate class.

West Virginia
David Byron Keener/Shutterstock

The fee for a marriage license in West Virginia is $56, unless the couple has a premarital certificate of completion, which lowers the price to $36. This does not change depending on the county. 

In Wisconsin it costs between $70-$120, depending on the county.

door county wisconsin
Randy Kostichka/Shutterstock

In Wisconsin, there's a six-day waiting period for a marriage license, unless you've been given a waiver. The cost varies. In Milwaukee County, a license will cost you $68 but in Dane County, the cost is $110.

The flat marriage fee in Wyoming is $30.

Horseback Riding Yellowstone Wyoming

In Wyoming, the flat fee of a marriage license is $30 and it's valid for one whole year. This does not vary by county. 

Washington DC takes credit cards, cash or a money order for you $45 marriage license fee.

Washington DC
Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

In the District, you get your marriage license the same day that you apply. They take cash, credit card, or money order for the $45 fee ($35 application and $10 Certificate of marriage), according to DC Elopements.

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