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8 things to do at Dolly Parton's Dollywood amusement park if you hate roller coasters

Dolly Parton's Dollywood amusement park has more than just roller coasters, including musical performances, restaurants, and hands-on activities.
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Take a look inside Dolly Parton's childhood home, a two-room log cabin where she lived with her 11 siblings

Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park features a replica of her childhood home. The original two-room log cabin had no electricity or running water.
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I stayed at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and it's the perfect getaway for Dolly Parton superfans

Dollywood's DreamMore Resort is full of Dolly Parton memorabilia, and the shuttle to and from the theme park is an added perk.
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The one food you need to eat at Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park is this $10 cinnamon bread

If you eat one thing at Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park, make it this $10 cinnamon bread. The lines are often long, but well worth it.
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7 hidden details you may have missed at Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park

Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park in Tennessee is full of hidden details. Many store names reference people or places from Parton's childhood.
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Dolly Parton's DreamMore Resort contains a secret unreleased Dolly Parton song locked in a wooden box

"My Place In History," which will be released on Parton's 100th birthday in 2046, was written to be her last song.
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I visited Dollywood for the first time and here are 8 things that surprised me

I visited Dolly Parton's Tennessee theme park for the first time. Dollywood had surprisingly steep hills and didn't play many Dolly Parton songs.