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How to pitch features at Business Insider and Insider

We at Insider want great, heat-seeking narrative journalism. Ambitious pieces with character, color, tension, and drama. Stories that trace an obsession, unlock a secret, or expose some WTF-level insight about how power works. Ripping yarns, stories of true crime, of loves lost and won. Rivalries in sports, tech, and entertainment. Chronicles of dreams realized and broken. Politics, entertainment, business, international intrigue. We're into all of it.

We want to take readers on spellbinding adventures, introduce them to powerful jerks they don't know (or don't know enough about), weirdos, eccentrics, and folks in search of redemption. There's plenty of room for joy and wonder here, too. We can do it all, with a blistering irreverence and sense of discovery.

We want big, meaty narratives and must-read profiles, true crime (a genre that can include a lot of stories!), anatomies/autopsies of scandals and corporate collapses, and explorations and explanations of viral moments. We want stories that bring us into worlds and subcultures that're new to us.

If it's wild, if it sets off your Spidey sense, if it obsesses you, if it's a big story that readers everywhere can't get enough of, it's something we should talk about. If a pitch is exciting, shows a clear sense of dramatic arc and tension, if it unearths a new perspective, goes to some zany places, and is very much in the zeitgeist, then it's got potential, so think big and reach out at

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