A van-life influencer keeps going viral by sharing the details of 2 shower rooms she managed to fit in her mobile home. Take a look inside.

Pictures showing the inside of the TikToker's van.
Viewers said the small shower made them feel "claustrophobic."
@louisthevan on TikTok
  • A TikToker called @louisthevan shares video tours around her mobile home.
  • The user went viral for with a video about two showers that she has used in her van over time.
  • Commenters questioned how comfortable the small showers would be to live with on a daily basis.

A van-life TikToker has attracted a lot of attention from viewers by explaining how she showers in her mobile home.

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A TikTok user named @louisthevan, who posts content about living in a mobile home as part of the van-life movement, keeps going viral for explaining how she is able to shower in her tiny home. 

On February 11, she posted her first video on TikTok, showing an indoor shower that she installed in the back of her van. The video quickly went viral and currently has 6.4 million views, with several viewers saying the small space made them feel "claustrophobic." 

In mid-April, the user shared a second video, showing a different shower she had built in her van following a renovation, and received comments expressing skepticism about how easy it would be to shower in such a small space. 

The TikToker posted a follow-up video at the end of April, comparing both showers she has used during her van-life experience. She asked viewers to comment on which shower they preferred. 

Here's an inside look at the two shower options inside the user's tiny home. 


The TikToker's first bathroom had a toilet and shower built into the back of the van.

a picture of the first shower in the TikToker's van.
The shower was installed in the back of the 144-inch Sprinter van.
@louisthevan on TikTok

The user referred to her first shower as a "back bathroom," as it was an indoor room fitted into the back section of her van. 

In her February video, the TikToker explained that the shower could be accessed from the back doors of the van, or from a sliding door inside the van. 

The shower had a fan fitted above it to provide ventilation, as well as a large square-shaped overhead shower and handheld faucet. Above the faucet, there was a mirror and a small shelf for placing toiletries. 

The TikToker also showed viewers a switch that drained used water from the shower out of the van. 

The TikToker said her first shower was spacious but ended up taking up too much space in her van.

A picture of the first shower the TikToker filmed.
The TikToker said there was "so much space to move around" in the first shower.
@louisthevan on TikTok

In her video comparing her two showers, the TikToker said her first shower was "massive" and provided "so much space to move around" while showering. 

However, she explained that because of its large size, she had to "lose a lot of space that could otherwise be used for storage." 

She added that because the bathroom was at the back of the van, she could not have windows on her back doors and therefore missed out on "epic back door views" that she would have seen while out on the road. 

She also said the large overhead shower used up a lot of water, meaning she had to replenish her water supplies more often, and that it took a long time to build the shower unit because it involved water-proofing all the surfaces in the back of the van. 


The TikToker's second shower is tucked away in a bench which folds out inside the van.

A picture of the second shower.
The shower has a mildew resistant curtain, according to the TikToker.
@louisthevan on TikTok

The TikToker referred to her second shower as a "hidden, pop-up shower" which folds out from a bench inside her van. 

In her first video about this shower, the TikToker showed herself lifting up a seat on a bench in the van, revealing a portable toilet seat and a shower curtain frame underneath it.  

The TikToker then lifted the frame and clipped the shower curtains to some hooks that were built into the ceiling. Next, she filmed herself fitting a hose onto the kitchen tap in the van, which was next to the bench, so she could use it as a shower head. 

According to the TikToker, her shower curtains are mold- and mildew-resistant and the flooring around the bench is heated, to keep her feet warm as she steps out of the shower. 

According to the TikToker, the second shower conserved more space in her van, but it meant she would have less privacy while showering.

A picture of the second shower.
The TikToker said this shower was a "lot smaller" than the first one.
@louisthevan on TikTok

As she was explaining the pros and cons of her second shower in her comparison video, the TikToker noted it was much smaller than her first one. 

While this meant there was less room to shower, she said the fact that the shower was convertible meant that "when it's not being used, it leaves your living space completely open." 

She also said she was able to conserve water with the second shower option because she was using the same water source as for the kitchen sink. However, she explained that a drawback of the convertible shower was that "you lose privacy when living with another person," since the shower unit is placed in the middle of the van's interior. 

As well as this, she also said she has to leave the convertible shower in place for 30 minutes after using it to give it time to dry and prevent mold from building up on the curtains. 

Commenters began to debate which shower option would be easier to live with under the TikToker's video.

A picture of the two showers side by side.
The user's videos divided her TikTok commenters.
@louisthevan on TikTok

At the end of the TikToker's video comparing the two showers, she asked viewers to comment on which option they preferred. 

Some commenters said they preferred the first shower because it looked more spacious and provided more privacy. 

However, others said privacy was not an expectation people should have when thinking about van life, given the limited amount of space available in mobile homes. 

"If you want a private bathroom van life is probably not for you," one commenter wrote. 

Some viewers said they preferred the second shower because it seems efficient to be able to fold your shower away when you're not using it. However, users who disagreed with these commenters said they did not like the fact that the toilet and the shower were so close together in the folding bathroom. 

Across the TikToker's three videos about how she showers in her van, many of the most-liked comments referenced how small they thought both options looked, expressing skepticism about how comfortable it would be to freshen up inside a van. 

"I Am 5'2 and I feel claustrophobic watching this," one person wrote. 

Content about the realities of van life keeps going viral on TikTok.

A picture of the user opening her van.
"Van life" is an increasingly controversial topic on social media.
@louisthevan on TikTok

As Insider previously reported, mobile homes are becoming increasingly trendy and desirable and are seen as an affordable alternative to renting a house, with 20% of Americans in a 2020 survey from the RV Industry Association saying they'd become more interested in buying or renting a mobile home during the pandemic.

This real estate trend has been taking over TikTok in the past year, with the hashtag #VanLife amassing 9.8 billion views on the app. 

Creators have been going viral on the platform for filming the way they live in mobile homes, and for sharing some of the difficulties and challenges that come with the lifestyle. 

In July, one TikToker told Insider she ended up homeless after attempting to live a nomadic van-life routine, saying the experience was much more difficult than social media made it seem. 


@louisthevan continues to share updates about her van-life experience on TikTok.

A picture of the user in her van.
The user currently has 99,000 followers on TikTok.
@louisthevan on TikTok

The TikToker is continuing to keep her 99,000 followers updated on her van life experience by posting about changes and updates she makes to the van's interior.

In late May, she posted a video where she detailed a trip she made to Utah with her roommate in her van, and wrote in a recent TikTok caption that she is "grateful for a home that goes where we do." 

The TikToker behind the @louisthevan account did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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