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Uvalde school police chief fired 3 months after heavily criticized response to Robb Elementary School shooting

The decision by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Board came three months after 21 were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School.
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'Exhausting and it's infuriating': Months after the racist Buffalo supermarket shooting, the Black residents there are grappling with the trauma of the reopening and recent threats

"There's no way to emotionally prepare yourself for someone coming into a Black community in your city and just massacring it," Hanesworth said.
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At least 9 people were injured in a shooting after an unidentified person opened fire at a crowd near an Ohio bar

Police said the suspect is currently not in custody. The individual is described to be wearing a white shirt and dark pants.
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A Lollapalooza security worker arrested after making bogus mass shooting threat 'to leave work early,' reports say

The security worker, identified as 18-year-old Janya B. Williams, was charged with a false terrorist threat, The Chicago Tribune reported.
Associated Press 2022-07-28T01:05:09Z

Highland Park shooting suspect indicted on 117 counts, including murder and attempted murder

The 21-year-old suspect is accused of killing seven people and injuring dozens of others during an Independence Day parade in Illinois.
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Denver police opened fire into a crowd, injuring 6 bystanders, while going after a suspect who never fired a gun

The department police officers opened fire three times in the span of a week — fatally shooting individuals the Wednesday and Friday before the Sunday shooting.
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SWAT teams and rooftop snipers were called in for the Highland Park vigil because people were scared to group up, mayor testifies

In testimony describing the effects of the mass shooting, Highland Park's mayor said heavily-armed security was present at a vigil for the victims.
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A laptop and can of butane were found inside a heated oven at the Greenwood Park Mall shooting suspect's home. Motive remains unclear, authorities say.

Three people were killed in a shooting at a mall in Greenwood, Indiana, on Sunday evening. The suspect was killed by a "good Samaritan" police said.
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Uvalde police chief suspended after damning report into law enforcement failure to deal with mass shooter

Lt. Mariano Pargas was put on administrative leave by the city's mayor after a report by Texas lawmakers was made public.
News 2022-07-13T18:51:27Z

Surveillance video shows Uvalde shooter stroll into school and inaction from police

Warning: Graphic content. Surveillance footage shows the shooter walking into Robb Elementary School and law enforcement's response.
News 2022-07-13T15:26:12Z

Uvalde mayor calls media 'chicken' after outlet leaks footage showing cops' response to school shooting. The city has resisted turning over documents around the deadly attack.

Local outlets published leaked footage on Tuesday showing police waiting in a hallway in Robb Elementary School as the May 24 massacre unfolded.
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Top Texas cop says he's 'deeply disappointed' that video showing Uvalde cops waiting to stop school shooter was leaked

Security footage from inside Robb Elementary School was scheduled to be released to the Uvalde community in the near future, but was leaked Tuesday.
Crime 2022-07-10T11:06:08Z

Highland Park mass-shooter suspect posted antisemitic and racist content online, say reports

The man suspected of killing seven people at the Highland Park Independence Day shooting posted antisemitic and racist content online, says The Times.
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Highland Park shooting left an 8-year-old paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot in the chest

Dozens were injured in the Illinois Fourth of July shooting, including Cooper Roberts, his mother, Keely, and his twin brother, Luke.
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Uvalde teacher recalls being shot multiple times during mass shooting and the moment he left the classroom: 'Nobody moved but me'

Arnie Reyes, a fourth-grade teacher at Robb Elementary School told CNN that he felt forgotten by law enforcement.
News 2022-07-07T02:02:01Z

The father of the Highland Park shooting suspect claimed his son called the Copenhagen shooter an 'idiot' the night before the July 4th massacre

On Monday, a gunman opened fire during an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois, killing seven people and injuring at least 31.
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Father of Highland Park suspected shooter could be held criminally liable for sponsoring his son's gun permit application, legal expert says

Police said the suspected gunman in the Highland Park mass shooting legally obtained firearms after his dad sponsored his gun permit application.
News 2022-07-06T21:58:22Z

Toddler left orphaned in Highland Park July 4 shooting was saved by father, who used his body as a shield, grandfather says

The two-year-old was found under his father's body after the shooting, the boy's grandfather said. The toddler's parents were among the 7 killed.
News 2022-07-06T15:44:00Z

Video captures gunshots and chaos at Illinois Fourth of July parade

A gunman opened fire at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, killing several people and wounding dozens.
News 2022-07-06T13:45:32Z

Highland Park mayor says she was the shooting suspect's Cub Scout leader, questions how he became 'this angry' and 'hateful'

"Clearly, he's had some major issues if he felt compelled to bring evil to his hometown on the Fourth of July," Mayor Nancy Rotering told Insider.
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