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The TikTok comedy community is rallying to raise money after the death of one of its most beloved creators: 'He was almost like everyone's best friend'

A picture of DJHUNTS, Sam Bailey and Jon Preston.
Jon Preston was a TikTok comedian known for lip sync-style videos.
Screenshots from TikTok

  • A beloved TikTok comedian known as Piko Preston died this week aged 43. 
  • Fellow TikTok comedians have now banded together to help raise money for his family. 
  • "His death has affected me and a lot of other creators. We want to honor him," one TikToker said.

Over the past few days, a group of prominent TikTok comedians has banded together to raise money to support the family of their friend and fellow creator who died aged 43.

Jon Preston, a TikTok creator with 1 million followers who typically posted comedic lip-sync style videos on his account @pikotrain5 died late last week, according to a tribute post by his sister Lara Preston Neves on Facebook August 14. 

Neves did not disclose the cause of Preston's death, but a TikTok user named @tnmamabear4, who identified herself as Preston's ex-wife, said his death occured "suddenly" in a video tribute she posted on August 15. 

Following the announcement of his death, several TikTok creators who have built large followings for posting comedic content on the platform posted tributes to Preston, and have set up initiatives for fans to donate towards his family.

Skit comedian Aimee Daro, who has 200,000 TikTok followers, shared a video tribute to Preston on August 15, where she called him "the most positive, loving, peaceful, uplifting person I've ever known," in an on-screen caption on her post. 

Daro put a link to a GoFundMe page in her TikTok bio, and said in a TikTok video posted on August 16 that all proceeds would go towards Preston's family. It has currently received over $5,600 in donations.

Daro also hosted a TikTok livestream in collaboration with Sam Bailey, a TikTok comedian who has 1.8 million followers, to encourage fans to make donations. 


@megreilyy missing you @pikotrain5 ♬ Sad Music - Max-Music

Meg Reily, who has 1.9 million TikTok followers, said she never met Preston in real life, but he became her close "online friend" because they both posted similar content. She directed her viewers to donate to Daro's GoFundMe, adding, "Piko was truly such an inspiration and was passionate about comedy and creating content and loved to make people laugh and only wanted to spread positivity and kindness with others." 

A TikTok comedian known as DJHUNTS, who has 7.9 million followers, said in his August 15 tribute video that he, Daro, Reily, and Bailey would all be live-streaming content together and giving any viewer donations to Preston's family, in addition to the donations on GoFundMe. 

@djhuntsofficial #greenscreen BOX MATCHES TONIGHT TO HELP SUPPORT @Piko Preston FAMILY‼️#pikotrain5 #pikotrains ♬ Sad Emotional Piano - DS Productions

"Piko was such a good guy. He was almost like everyone's best friend, and his death has affected me and a lot of other creators. We want to honor him and his family tonight," he said. 

Many of Preston's fans, who refer to themselves as the Pikettes, also shared written tributes to Preston in the comments section under the creator's tributes. 

"I will miss his skits. He had the greatest smile," one person wrote, with another saying, "You brought so much life and laughter to my days you are so missed. Pikettes forever ladies." 

Preston began posting content on TikTok in late 2021 and hit 1 million followers in June this year, according to analytics tracker SocialBlade.

He was best known for posting videos where he would lip-sync to the audio of a song or a stand-up comedian's set while making comedic facial expressions, often receiving laughing emojis from his followers in the comments section. 

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