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A couple used 2 pole dancers for their gender-reveal party and the mom-to-be said it was a 'magical moment'

Pole Dancing Gender Reveal Party
A pole-dancing gender-reveal party has gone viral on TikTok.
TikTok/Cristina Scarlevschi

  • A video of a pole-dancing gender reveal has gone viral on TikTok with more than 6 million views. 
  • Cristina Scarlevschi, who found out she was having a boy, told Insider it was a "magical" moment. 
  • Scarlevschi runs a pole-dancing studio and her students came up with the gender-reveal idea.

From fireworks to Harry Styles concerts, gender-reveal parties have dramatically evolved from a simple cake with pink or blue frosting. 

But have you ever seen a gender reveal with pole dancing? 

A TikTok video showing two pole dancers — one dressed in pink, the other in blue — performing at a gender-reveal party has gone viral this week. 

Cristina Scarlevschi, who found out she was having a boy during the party, told Insider it was a magical moment. 

Scarlevschi is the founder of Pole Addict, a pole-dancing studio in Chișinău, Moldova. 

The mom-to-be said she began pole dancing about seven years ago, when she was living in Greece. In 2017, at the age of 23, Scarlevschi returned to Moldova and decided to open her own school, she said.

"I started with three people," Scarlevschi told Insider. "Now I have two schools in town and I will continue to develop the sport here." 

A post shared by Krispy (@cristina_scarlevschi_poledance)

Scarlevschi said everyone knows her as a pole-dance teacher and expected her to do something unique for her gender reveal party. 

"I don't want to be like everybody else and just pop the balloon," she added. 

So when it was time to plan her gender-reveal party, Scarlevschi told her students that she wanted to do something different. They came up with the idea to do a choreographed pole-dancing routine, which Scarlevschi loved. 

A post shared by Krispy (@cristina_scarlevschi_poledance)

On the day of the gender-reveal party, Scarlevschi said the students tried to prank her. After the dance, they told her the doctor still didn't know her baby's gender, so there was pink and blue confetti inside the balloon. 

But when Scarlevschi popped it, only blue confetti came out — surprising both her and her husband Vladimir Sanduleac. 

Scarlevschi said everyone at the party, including her husband, loved the pole-dancing gender-reveal routine. 

"My family and friends, everyone applauded and looked with pride," she added. 

The video went viral this week after Maria Popa, one of Scarlevschi's dancers, shared the clip on her TikTok page on Sunday. As of Thursday, it has racked up more than 6.8 million views. 

Some users on TikTok have begun filming their shocked reactions to the video, while others have erroneously called Scarlevshi's dancers strippers.

Scarlevschi said she didn't expect the video to go viral, and is even more shocked that "people from America are surprised and confused." 

But Scarlevschi isn't paying attention to people who think pole dancing has no place at gender-reveal parties. 

"I don't have to tell anyone what to say and what to think, everyone has their opinion and I accept it," she said. 

"I don't see anything bad or ugly in this," she added. "For me it is something that characterizes me, and it was a magical, memorable, and very emotional moment."

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