News 2022-08-25T15:26:08Z

A Texas middle school named for a Black author deemed parts of his biography 'not appropriate' for students

"Life Is So Good," which is about George Dawson, is under review in the district after a teacher said she wanted to teach it to a seventh-grade class.
Lifestyle 2022-08-17T18:42:37Z

How schools have changed over the last 80 years

US schools have changed a lot over the years, with chalkboards becoming Smart Boards and learning going virtual due to the pandemic.
Parenting 2022-07-23T14:15:00Z

After my family moved, we decided to keep our kid in his old school. I treasure the hours we get in the car together.

The author says that keeping her son in a school far from their home has turned their commute into bonding time.
News 2022-06-14T00:44:36Z

Teachers in Ohio can now carry guns at school after only 24 hours of training

Ohio Gov. Mark DeWine on Monday signed a bill reducing the number of training hours required for school staff to carry guns on school campuses.
News 2022-05-25T03:11:54Z

There have been at least 554 school shooting victims in the US since the Columbine High School massacre: report

Overall, an estimated 311,000 children have been exposed to gun violence in their schools since 1999, The Washington Post reported.
News 2022-05-24T17:25:52Z

New York cancels its statewide history exam over a question it said could 'compound student trauma' caused by Buffalo shooting

The New York State Education Department would not provide details on what the question on the history exam entailed.
News 2022-05-14T15:25:41Z

A Kentucky middle school asked kids in a homework assignment to discourage an imaginary friend from being gay

The assignment asked kids to write a letter to an imaginary gay friend expressing that "homosexuality will not bring them satisfaction."
News 2022-05-08T17:23:13Z

A Virginia school board proposed a resolution that teachers and advocates are concerned will 'out' LGBTQ students to their parents

The Orange County School Board proposed a provision that would require schools to tell parents about a student's self-identification.
News 2022-04-12T15:36:33Z

Local NYC schools are sheltering in place after mass shooting at Brooklyn subway

The gunman remains at large after the mass shooting that unfolded at around 8:30 a.m. during rush hour on Tuesday in New York City.
News 2022-04-06T20:46:57Z

Teachers and school staff say they're facing increased threats of violence not just from students but also parents. Culture wars could make matters worse.

"I fear being shot and attacked all the time during in-person learning," a staff member reported in the American Psychological Association survey.
News 2022-01-29T14:12:41Z

A Georgia school staffer removed student's 'Gay is OK' artwork and compared it to a Nazi flag: report

The artwork features a rainbow with the words "Gay is OK" underneath an umbrella, according to NBC affiliate WXIA-TV.
News 2022-01-26T18:31:30Z

A Georgia elementary school removes assignment instructing students to write a letter as 'an American settler' to Andrew Jackson in favor of removing Indigenous people from their land

Students were told to write to President Andrew Jackson as a settler explaining why "removing the Cherokee will help the United States grow and prosper."
News 2022-01-21T20:10:00Z

An anti-mask mom threatened to bring a loaded gun during a Virginia school board meeting, saying 'see you all on Monday'

Police have been notified of the comments by the parent at Thursday's Page County Public Schools board meeting and are investigating the incident.
News 2022-01-16T15:18:36Z

A New York school district has apologized after sixth-graders were given an 'unacceptable' homework assignment for their Spanish class

Students were told to translate sentences like "You (friendly) are Mexican and ugly" and "You (politely) are pretty and American."
News 2022-01-13T15:09:17Z

As COVID-19 cases spike, a Texas school district is asking parents to become substitute teachers

The Hays Consolidated Independent School District in Kyle, Texas, asked parents to apply amid teacher staffing shortages.
News 2022-01-10T23:01:06Z

Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot is still at odds with parents over sending kids to school: 'She is not actually caring about our children'

Classes have been canceled for four days as the teachers' union and city officials fight over whether it's safe to return to school in person.
News 2022-01-09T17:11:38Z

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says teachers need to 'get real' and 'serious' about reopening schools, calls closures 'illegal walkout'

The Chicago Teachers Union said Lightfoot rejected their proposal for one week of virtual learning with in-person instruction resuming January 18.
News 2022-01-05T22:58:20Z

A Chicago mom says before schools were abruptly closed almost all of her child's classmates had to quarantine due to an exposure on the first day of classes

Chicago schools closed on Wednesday after the teachers' union voted to pivot to remote learning — and now it's unclear what will happen in the next coming days.
News 2022-01-04T21:00:24Z

Schools across the US are bracing for impact as Omicron spreads and threatens to disrupt in-person learning

During the first week of 2022, school closures spiked, leading to more than 3,200 K-12 public schools closing nationwide.
News 2021-12-16T17:33:45Z

A UK school reportedly apologized after pictures of its 'grim' Christmas lunch went viral

The Christmas lunch served by a school in West Sussex, UK, was described as "disgusting" and like something "left over" from an "anatomy class."
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