Lifestyle 2022-08-26T11:00:00Z

I don't want to date anyone. My twin is there to fill the void a romantic partner would.

The author shares how having her twin there when she needs her makes not dating easier as an asexual person.
Lifestyle 2022-08-24T09:15:00Z

My husband and I met in an ambulance. We've been married for 24 years.

More than 20 years after they met in an ambulance, the author and her husband are still together and have three kids.
Health 2022-08-11T14:45:36Z

A friend offered to help me run away the night before my wedding. My marriage didn't last, and now I listen when he calls me out.

A friend offered to help the author run away the night before her wedding, seeing that the couple had little in common. The marriage didn't last.
Health 2022-08-04T17:03:18Z

I've come out many times in my life. I still find it hard to come out as polyamorous.

The author says she's come out in many ways but found it harder to come out as polyamorous, in part because poly relationships aren't well understood.
Health 2022-08-04T15:54:56Z

I met my husband in a movie theater. He used a bad pickup line and was 45 minutes late for our first date. 33 years later, we're still married.

The author says 33 years ago her now-husband used the worst pickup line and was 45 minutes to their first date.
Health 2022-08-04T15:05:28Z

I'm a 35-year-old virgin and I won't have sex before marriage. The 9 men I've dated so far have been jerks about it.

A 35-year-old woman has vowed to preserve her virginity until she gets married. She says people should not give into societal pressure to have sex.
Health 2022-07-28T14:58:56Z

Reading my diary from when I was a teen made me realize I always knew I was gay

The author shares how reading through her notebook from when she was an early teen showed her what she always suspected: she knew she was gay.
Lifestyle 2022-07-27T23:30:00Z

Like Ben and J.Lo, I married my ex in Vegas — and we're still going strong 9 years later

After being together for 13 years, the couple split. Four years later, they reconnected and got married in Vegas. They're still together.
Health 2022-07-27T17:26:37Z

The man I was dating publicly shamed my sex preferences after we broke up. I learned to stand up for what I want.

The author's ex wrote a column about their relationship. She learned not to be afraid to ask for what she wants in and out of bed.
Health 2022-07-15T10:52:52Z

My boyfriend gave me a list of all the things he didn't like about me. It was our first breakup of many.

The author says that while the one-page list led to one of many breakups, it didn't include the real reasons they eventually broke up for good.
Lifestyle 2022-07-10T11:26:00Z

Living in a tiny house made my relationship better. We are closer, both physically and emotionally.

The couple has lived in a 36' sailboat and now a 200sq ft house. Being so close together has made them attuned to their needs and quirks.
Health 2022-07-08T21:57:59Z

8 steps to safely and conclusively end a toxic relationship, according to couples therapists

Leaving an unhealthy relationship involves planning ahead, asking your support system for help, and dealing with your own emotional confusion.
Lifestyle 2022-07-08T18:35:11Z

My boyfriend broke up with me 12 hours after meeting my family. It was a 5-minute phone conversation.

The author says she was blindsided by the quick call after the couple had what she thought was a good time meeting her family 12 hours before.
Health 2022-06-14T11:30:00Z

My ex-husband just died. We split up 2 years ago, but the pain is still very real.

Despite having no contact with him for two years, the author is still grieving her ex and says it's complicated since she's technically not a widow.
Health 2022-06-13T17:34:29Z

My boyfriend broke up with me 12 hours before I moved cities for him. I was able to have the life I wanted all along.

The author shares how the breakup left her with nothing, no apartment or job, yet it led her to create the life she has now.
Health 2022-06-09T20:03:51Z

I'm ethically nonmonogamous and ditched Tinder for a dating app geared to polyamorous people who understood my lifestyle more

The author shares how using an app designed for people like them has made dating easier, even though it still requires a lot of communication.
Health 2022-06-08T15:56:38Z

My husband and I met on Reddit and dated for a year before we saw each other in person. This is how we made it work.

The couple met on Reddit and started dating. They planned to meet in real life, but the pandemic halted flights. Now they're married.
Health 2022-06-07T15:06:57Z

After a fight, my boyfriend walked out of my apartment. He never came back.

The author shares how she was planning to move in with her boyfriend until he left without saying anything. She shares what he taught her.
Health 2022-06-04T12:35:00Z

I took a SWOT analysis with my partner. 8 years later I see how our 'weaknesses' told us we were not going to make it.

The author recommends that all couples do an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to flag potential problems down the road.
Health 2022-05-12T17:13:32Z

FDA clears first underwear for oral sex — it's vanilla-flavored, and tastes 'like you're eating a cookie'

The thin latex underwear are super-stretchy and have a vanilla flavor. They are only the second FDA-cleared form of STI protection for oral sex.
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