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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown reveals the 'wake up call' that made her decide to leave Kody

"Sister Wives" star Christine Brown said she knew she had to leave Kody Brown when she didn't "respect" him anymore.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown reveals she'll date again after split from Kody and wants a man 'who actually loves me'

Christine Brown told People that she'll date again in the future but isn't interested in polygamy anymore.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown reportedly sold a portion of her $213,000 Coyote Pass property to estranged ex Kody for $10

Christine gifted a portion of the Flagstaff, Arizona, ranch she shared with her ex-partner and his wife Robyn, back to the couple, Us Weekly reports.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown explains why she's leaving her husband Kody in a new trailer for season 17: 'Robyn is more important'

"I have decided to leave, I'm gonna leave Kody," Christine Brown declares in the season 17 trailer of "Sister Wives."
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown is getting her own TLC web series after leaving Kody Brown

Christine Brown's ex-sister wife Janelle reportedly voiced support in her Instagram story: "This is amazing," she wrote, adding starry-eyed emojis.
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'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown says he questions polygamy 'all the time' because of the 'pain' it causes women

"Yeah, I don't want polygamy, that's for sure," Kody's ex-wife Christine says in the clip, adding that she doesn't believe it's for her anymore.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says she and Kody are 'divorced' and reveals she left the family's religion 'a long time' ago

"I knew I was making a decision that would break hearts," said "Sister Wives" star Christine Brown. "And it tore me apart."
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says she 'chose to be weaker' early in her relationship with Kody in an exclusive clip from the upcoming tell-all episode

Christine lost herself when she became a "basement wife," she says in part two of the "Sister Wives One on One" tell-all, airing Sunday.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says her heart 'breaks' when she thinks about Meri and Kody's marriage: 'I'm not going to live that way'

"I don't want to be in a loveless marriage,'" Christine Brown told the "Sister Wives One on One" host Sukanya Krishnan.
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'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown says she and her husband, Kody, haven't been physically intimate in a decade

Kody Brown said on "Sister Wives" he was "not ever" going to have a "conjugal" relationship with Meri again, describing it as "emotional torture."
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'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown said he was 'dumbfounded' when Christine kicked him out of her bedroom

Kody said when he found his stuff boxed up in Christine's garage, he felt "relief" that he didn't have to carry the "burden" of a "loveless marriage."
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says it's hard for her and Kody's daughters to 'respect' him because 'they see he has favorites'

"I'm head of my house. I am," Christine said on "Sister Wives," adding that it's "apparent" Kody is "more comfortable" at his other wives' houses.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says the family puts 'problems and issues' aside during Christmas in an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode

"I think we've damaged some relationships," fellow "Sister Wives" star Janelle says during the sneak peek at Sunday's episode.
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'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown says 'I don't have a husband' and reveals that Kody told her they could be 'friends' but 'that's all'

"Am I a sister wife when I don't have a husband?" Meri Brown asks in a new clip of Sunday's "Sister Wives," admitting that she feels like an outcast.
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'Sister Wives' star Kody Brown said he thought wife Christine 'hates' him months before she announced she was leaving their polygamous marriage

On Sunday's "Sister Wives," Kody recalled how Christine thought he'd been "negligent" after their daughter Truely "almost died" in 2014.
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'Sister Wives' star Janelle Brown tells husband Kody to 'fuck off' for making her feel guilty about spending Thanksgiving apart from him

"Because I don't follow all of his 10 commandments, his rules, I'm not following any rules apparently," Janelle said on Sunday's new episode.
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown said she's living in a 'whole new world' and feels 'like a much better person' after splitting from Kody Brown

The TLC star also admitted her decision to leave Kody was "a long time coming" and said she "had no idea life could be simple."