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I tried breakfast sandwiches from 3 fast-food chains in the Southwest, and the best tasted restaurant-quality

I tried the morning-time staple, made with egg, cheese, and bacon, from Jack in the Box, Farmer Boys, and Carl's Jr. restaurants in my Southwest city.
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Here's what Thanksgiving dinner looks like in different parts of the country

From Italian manicotti in New Jersey to mushroom gravy in the Pacific Northwest, Thanksgiving dinner looks different depending on where you call home.
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After road-tripping across Texas, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado nearly a dozen times, I planned the best itinerary through the Southwest

One Insider reporter who has taken many road trips across the American Southwest planned her perfect trip from Austin, Texas, to the Rocky Mountains.
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A rare snow covered parts of the Arizona desert and New Mexico and photos of the snow-covered rocks and cacti look pretty surreal

Several people shared images on Twitter of Arizona's Sonoran Desert and Saguaro National Park looking like winter wonderlands.
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Even the US government can't agree on how to divide up the states into regions

The United States is made up of many different regions and subregions. Government agencies have different ways of grouping the states based on geography, culture, or other factors.
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This is what chili looks like in 10 different regions around the United States

Chili looks like a completely different food depending on where you are in America: We rounded up 10 common regional styles of this spicy, hearty dish.