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A raw-meat influencer has racked up millions of views by documenting his 'challenge' to eat one raw steak a day until he gets sick

screenshots from @paulylong on TikTok eating raw steak
Pauly Long has nearly 600,000 followers and is known for eating raw food on his TikTok channel.

  • A TikTok user who often posts videos eating raw food has been eating one raw steak every day.
  • @PaulyLong's videos documenting the challenge have racked up millions of views.
  • He has nearly 600,000 followers and uses his channel to tout the benefits of eating raw meat.

A TikToker has gone viral with a series of videos documenting his "challenge" to eat one raw steak every day.

Pauly Long has nearly 600,000 followers on TikTok and many of his videos involve him eating raw food ranging from eggs to testicles, brains, livers, and hearts. He has previously told his followers that eating raw meat is healthy, which some experts dispute.

On August 12, Long posted a video sitting down at a table saying, "Lunch!" before grabbing a raw steak and appearing to eat it. A video posted the following day was labeled "Day 2," and showed him appearing to eat another raw steak. The caption read, "Gonna do this every day till i get sick."

His first two videos eating raw steak received 145,000 and 179,000 views respectively, but his "Day 3" video blew up, receiving 3.1 million views, while his "Day 4" video had 3.6 million.


Long has been eating raw steak for over a week, releasing his "Day 7" video on August 18, and has so far not shown any signs on TikTok that the raw meat is making him sick.

At least one of his videos has been tagged with a warning by TikTok, which states, "Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt." TikTok did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Some comments underneath videos expressed skepticism as to whether Long is really eating and swallowing the raw steak as well as questioning why someone would want to do so. Other comments cautioned against eating raw meat.


Long tags many of his videos with #carnivorediet or #rawmeatdiet, both of which have gained traction in recent years on social media and been promoted by celebrities like Joe Rogan, Insider previously reported.

People who follow these diets eat mostly animal products and do not eat vegetables, no processed foods, and no added sugars. 

"Pro-meat influencers" like @weambreiche have been touting raw meat and food as being good for health and fitness for a while, with Long also saying that eating raw hearts can "keep your mind sharp" and is a "great source of protein" in a video posted in June.

Insider previously spoke to two people who said that eating raw meat helped them to sleep better, have more energy, and feel better after exercising, while certified nutrition specialist Amy Berger told Insider that red meat had been "unfairly demonized and targeted."

Nutrition expert Layne Norton previously told Insider, "The carnivore diet is not what I would consider a healthy diet for the majority of people. If you're going to eat meat, I don't necessarily think that's a problem, but you definitely shouldn't omit fruits, vegetables, and fiber."

Other medical experts have expressed concern that only eating meat can increase cholesterol levels, which can affect your heart, as well as increase the risk of long-term illnesses like cancer due to a lack of plant-based nutrients, Insider reported.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that "raw foods of animal origin" are associated with "foodborne illnesses and food poisoning," while the US Department of Health suggests that people should cook raw meat to a minimum internal temperature of 145°F in order to "kill harmful germs that cause food poisoning."

In a statement provided to Insider, Long said he has been eating raw meat since the start of 2022, and does not believe he's become ill as a result. He also expressed disagreement with the official advice of the CDC. "As for my Tiktok, I enjoy using this platform to spread positivity and truth," he added.

Long has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel under the same name, which have 1 million and 1,800 followers respectively. According to his Instagram, he is the founder and CEO of Off The Grid Marketing LLC, a "1-stop-shop agency with all your social media needs."

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