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I was sick of MacGyvering a tofu press out of pans and cans — this $21 contraption makes the process of preparing tofu way easier

Side by side collage of a hand holding pieces of the Tofuture tofu press on the left and stack of various blocks of tofu on the right.
Lauren Arzbaecher/Insider; Tofuture

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  • Tofu presses are an easy way to remove excess water from tofu before cooking it.
  • The Tofuture press has an intelligent design that makes pressing simple.
  • Cleaning up after using the Tofuture was a breeze, with no spillage or wet paper towels left behind in my kitchen.

As a vegetarian, tofu is one of my favorite ingredients because of how versatile it is. The different texture options available make it useful across a variety of recipes. However, in order to get the best flavor and texture out of tofu, you have to remove the water, which often takes time and a bit of MacGyvering. 

While there are plenty of ways to press tofu with things you already have laying around the kitchen, piling whatever cans of food I had available into a heavy-bottomed pan and balancing it atop a wobbly block of soybeans quickly became an annoyance with how much I cook tofu. One too many topples of my haphazard Jenga tower of a DIY tofu press finally made me bite the bullet, and buy this $21 tofu press from Amazon.


Draining tray, water collection tub, and lid of the Tofuture tofu press.
Lauren Arzbaecher/Insider

Tofu presses typically fall into two categories: plate presses and box presses. Plate presses use two flat surfaces that tighten while box presses encase the tofu completely with a lid that applies pressure. The Tofuture is a box press, but its design is slightly different. 

The press consists of three pieces: a tub, draining tray, and indented lid. Most box presses have a twistable or spring-loaded button on top to push excess moisture out of the tofu. Instead of a button, the Tofuture applies pressure from two adjustable elastic bands secured around the side. There are three available notches so you can customize the pressure depending on the texture of tofu you are trying to achieve.

Using the Tofuture press

I bought the Tofuture to make the tofu pressing process simpler, and it certainly delivered. The simplicity of its design meant there was no real prep necessary. I just plopped the tofu straight from the package into the draining tray then attached the lid. 

Two views of the side of Tofuture tofu press, with its rubber bands secured on and off the notches.
Lauren Arzbaecher/Insider

Securing the bands around the side is pretty straightforward, though can be a bit finicky. The first couple times I used it, I accidentally snapped the bands against my fingers. This hasn't happened much after getting more practice using the press and figuring out the best way to attach the bands.

Once the tofu was secured inside, I moved the entire press into the fridge. I have pretty limited counter space in my kitchen, so being able to fit the Tofuture between my fridge's shelves was an asset. While the tofu drained for about 10 minutes, I prepped the rest of the ingredients until I was ready to cook.

To get the tofu out of the press, I removed the bands and pulled out the draining tray, dumping the water that remained in the lower compartment down the sink. I could tell it was successfully pressed because the lid had left a faint indent of the Tofuture logo on the block of tofu. When I cut the tofu into cubes, it felt noticeably firmer between my fingers. As an added benefit, it also seemed to take on seasonings better.


Pressing tofu involves a good amount of water, which is why I was hesitant to buy a tofu press that had metal parts — like a spring-loaded button or plate — for fear of it rusting in places I couldn't fully clean. Since the Tofuture is almost completely made of BPA-free plastic, it avoids that problem entirely. After using the press quite a few times, I only came across small chunks of tofu left behind once or twice. Otherwise, it just took a quick hand wash to clean. For those who have access to a dishwasher, it is also dishwasher safe.

The bottom line

Hand holding three parts of the Tofuture tofu press with a vase of flowers on a table in the background.
Lauren Arzbaecher/Insider

While the Tofuture only changed how I use tofu, I felt like it expedited my entire cooking process. Recipes that used to take me 40 plus minutes to prep were now cut down by 10 minutes, sometimes more. Its smart design is basically mistake-proof, and made me even happier to cook with an ingredient I already loved.

$21.00 from Amazon
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