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Uvalde school police chief fired 3 months after heavily criticized response to Robb Elementary School shooting

The decision by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Board came three months after 21 were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School.
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Uvalde's school district superintendent recommends police chief Pete Arredondo be fired for 'good cause'

According to a meeting agenda, the school board will discuss "termination for good cause as recommended by the Superintendent" at a weekend meeting.
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Investigation into the deadly Uvalde shooting describes the school's police chief 'fumbling' with his radios before giving up and dropping them near a school fence

He had previously said he did not have his radios because he thought they would slow him down, thwarting communication with officers during the event.
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Newly released body cam footage shows Uvalde police trying to negotiate with the suspect after hearing gunshots and learning children were in the classroom: 'This could be peaceful'

The police response to the Robb Elementary shooting has drawn ire from state officials, community members, and families of victims.
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Parents of victims in Uvalde school shooting say they weren't ready for footage to be released: 'We didn't need to hear our babies being massacred'

"A lot of it was embarrassing to see," Javier Cazares said. "People on their cell phones and texting. Another gentleman put hand sanitizer in his hands..."
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Leaked security video from inside Robb Elementary School shows police officers stopping for hand sanitizer and running away from the gunman

Footage released by the Austin American-Statesman shows Uvalde police did not engage with the shooter who killed 21 people for more than 77 minutes.
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Uvalde Police Chief Pete Arredondo has been placed on leave from the school district's police force

The district superintendent said the move was made due to "the lack of clarity that remains" surrounding the police response to the Uvalde shooting.
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Uvalde mayor insists 'there is no coverup,' but skewers other officials' handling of Robb Elementary shooting during heated council meeting

Local and state officials have come under fire for a lack of transparency in the aftermath of the shooting that left 21 dead, including 19 kids.
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Texas senator slams Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo for testifying behind closed doors instead of in public

"Don't go hide in the House and talk privately, come to the Senate where the public and Texas can ask these questions," the Texas senator said.
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Texas cops could have stopped the Uvalde gunman within minutes, but the school police chief placed the 'lives of officers before the lives of children': DPS director

The top police official said there was a hallway full of officers ready to confront the shooter, but the district police chief waited for backup.
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The officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting had a door-breaching tool available but waited for keys: report

Early into the attack, one officer said a Halligan bar was available for use, but it was never used, per the Texas Tribune.
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At least 11 officers with 2 rifles and a ballistic shield were inside Robb Elementary School by 11:52 a.m., but didn't confront the gunman for another 58 minutes, according to a new report

Multiple armed officers were inside the school minutes after the gunman arrived, despite waiting more than an hour to enter the classroom, per new report.
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The classrooms the Uvalde shooter barricaded himself in may not have been locked, but even if they were, police had a tool that would have opened them: report

A law enforcement source told the San Antonio Express-News that police may not have tried to see if the doors were unlocked.

An officer could have shot the Uvalde school gunman but he feared hitting children playing outside, report says

"They didn't engage back because in the background there was kids playing and they were scared of hitting the kids," an official said.
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How active-shooter protocols like reinforced, locked doors and turned-off lights hampered the police response during the Texas school shooting

The same measures designed to keep children safe from shooters were turned against cops who responded to the mass shooting, according to reports.
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The Uvalde school police chief skipped an emergency city meeting about the massacre — and the mayor says they haven't spoken in over a week

Pete Arredondo was sworn into Uvalde's city council on May 31. It is unclear why he skipped Tuesday's meeting.
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Texas teacher shot during Uvalde massacre calls out police: 'You had a bulletproof vest. I had nothing.'

Arnulfo Reyes told Good Morning America that he was shot twice and is still recovering from his injuries. He said he lost 11 students in the shooting.
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Uvalde school board decides against disciplinary action for police chief whose orders delayed a tactical response to shooting

Pete Arredondo is under fire for reportedly ordering police not to enter a classroom where a gunman barricaded himself in with children.
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An Uvalde mom who ran into the school to save her children during the shooting was threatened by police to keep quiet

Angeli Gomez told CBS law enforcement officials threatened her with a probation violation if she told media how officers tried to prevent her from entering the school.
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