News 2022-08-25T04:18:52Z

Fired Uvalde police chief says he's been targeted by victims' grieving families because there's no one left to blame

His lawyer wrote that, with the shooter dead, the victims' families had been taking out their anger on Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo.
News 2022-08-25T00:27:26Z

Uvalde school police chief fired 3 months after heavily criticized response to Robb Elementary School shooting

The decision by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Board came three months after 21 were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School.
News 2022-08-24T15:35:55Z

Local funeral homes refused to handle services for Uvalde gunman after elementary school shooting, county coroner says

The county coroner said the gunman's body was in a morgue for three weeks before an out-of-town funeral home offered to take the remains.
News 2022-07-26T11:32:23Z

Robb Elementary School principal suspended after being blamed for not fixing a faulty classroom lock that the shooter likely exploited

Mandy Gutierrez was put on paid administrative leave, her attorney said. A report said school leadership knew of the broken lock but it wasn't fixed.
News 2022-07-26T01:48:12Z

Robb Elementary School employees say they received so many emergency alerts for human traffickers that they didn't take a safety alert for the shooter seriously

Employees told a House committee investigating the events of the May 24 shooting that the repeated alerts resulted in a diminished sense of vigilance.
News 2022-07-23T16:36:58Z

A friend of Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo said he 'can't understand why he wouldn't just resign'

"I care about Pete. I care that he's mentally OK," a friend of Arredondo's told The Associated Press, but also called for "consequences."
News 2022-07-20T16:49:25Z

Uvalde's school district superintendent recommends police chief Pete Arredondo be fired for 'good cause'

According to a meeting agenda, the school board will discuss "termination for good cause as recommended by the Superintendent" at a weekend meeting.
News 2022-07-19T00:43:54Z

Uvalde schools may go virtual this fall as parents threaten to pull kids from the district in emotional forum

Uvalde Superintendent Hal Harrell announced the board's plans during a heated public forum on Monday as scores of community members shared grievances.
News 2022-07-18T14:35:41Z

Investigation into the deadly Uvalde shooting describes the school's police chief 'fumbling' with his radios before giving up and dropping them near a school fence

He had previously said he did not have his radios because he thought they would slow him down, thwarting communication with officers during the event.
News 2022-07-18T11:08:57Z

The Uvalde attacker was nicknamed 'school shooter' online and in real life but nobody ever intervened, official report says

A report from the Texas House of Representatives highlighted chilling examples of the Uvalde gunman being nicknamed "school shooter."
News 2022-07-18T09:12:46Z

Uvalde police chief suspended after damning report into law enforcement failure to deal with mass shooter

Lt. Mariano Pargas was put on administrative leave by the city's mayor after a report by Texas lawmakers was made public.
News 2022-07-17T19:26:08Z

A total of 376 law enforcement officers responded to the mass shooting at Uvalde elementary school, Texas House report says

"It's a joke. They're a joke. They've got no business wearing a badge. None of them do," said the grandfather of Layla Salazer, one of the victims.
News 2022-07-13T18:51:27Z

Surveillance video shows Uvalde shooter stroll into school and inaction from police

Warning: Graphic content. Surveillance footage shows the shooter walking into Robb Elementary School and law enforcement's response.
News 2022-07-13T15:05:45Z

Leaked video from inside Robb Elementary school shows a student missed the Uvalde gunman in the hallway by seconds

Leaked security footage shows the student seeing the gunman from around the corner before running away to safety.
News 2022-07-13T02:39:05Z

Parents of victims in Uvalde school shooting say they weren't ready for footage to be released: 'We didn't need to hear our babies being massacred'

"A lot of it was embarrassing to see," Javier Cazares said. "People on their cell phones and texting. Another gentleman put hand sanitizer in his hands..."
News 2022-07-12T22:02:09Z

Leaked security video from inside Robb Elementary School shows police officers stopping for hand sanitizer and running away from the gunman

Footage released by the Austin American-Statesman shows Uvalde police did not engage with the shooter who killed 21 people for more than 77 minutes.
News 2022-07-07T02:19:15Z

Uvalde teacher recalls being shot multiple times during mass shooting and the moment he left the classroom: 'Nobody moved but me'

Arnie Reyes, a fourth-grade teacher at Robb Elementary School told CNN that he felt forgotten by law enforcement.
News 2022-07-06T19:08:40Z

Uvalde police had opportunity to 'neutralize' gunman before he entered school, according to report by law enforcement experts

A report from Texas State University said police missed a chance to disable "or at least distract" the gunman before he entered Robb Elementary School.
News 2022-07-02T19:02:42Z

Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo announces resignation from city council following mass criticism over response of Robb elementary shooting: report

"I regret to inform those who voted for me that I have decided to step down as a member of the city council for District 3," he told local news.
News 2022-06-22T01:48:17Z

Uvalde mayor insists 'there is no coverup,' but skewers other officials' handling of Robb Elementary shooting during heated council meeting

Local and state officials have come under fire for a lack of transparency in the aftermath of the shooting that left 21 dead, including 19 kids.
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