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Crossing guard gets 'heroism' award after video shows her pushing a child out of the way of a car before getting hit

Screenshots of footage showing a crossing guard getting struck down by a car, saving a student
Screenshots of a video show Annette Goodyear pushing a student to safety, and Goodyear lying on the floor after being struck down by a black sedan.
Cecil County Public Schools

  • A video shows Maryland crossing guard Annette Goodyear rescuing a middle school student from an oncoming car.
  • Goodyear was struck by the car, whereas the student was only clipped by it, the video shows.
  • Goodyear will be awarded a citation by Gov. Larry Hogan for her heroic effort.

A crossing guard in Cecil County, Maryland, has been awarded a governor's citation after video footage emerged of her risking her own life to save a student from an oncoming car.

Annette Goodyear can be seen in the video rescuing a middle school student trying to cross a road near North East Middle School on February 4, NBC Washington reported.


The video, shared by Cecil County officials, shows Goodyear giving a "stop" signal with her hand as a black sedan quickly approaches both her and the student.

The car doesn't stop, and Goodyear, who also works as a police officer, can be seen in the video pushing the student out of its path. 

The video shows Goodyear, who is wearing orange, being struck by the speeding car and falling to the ground. The student was unharmed.

Goodyear was taken to hospital as a precaution but was quickly released, school officials said, per NBC Washington. She went to the student's home to see how they were, the media outlet reported.

Goodyear returned to her job soon after the incident, said Cecil County Public Schools superintendent Jeffrey Lawson on Twitter.

"Back to work already after being hit by a car," he tweeted. "HERO!"

For her "heroism," she is being awarded a governor's citation, said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday.

Citations are used to recognize specific achievements, according to the governor's website.

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