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How waterproof vinyl is installed in bathrooms

Vinyl installation in bathrooms
  •  Hugo Imsland lays vinyl flooring and walls for bathrooms and showers.
  •  He lifts up old flooring, adds a base primer, and spreads out the adhesive.
  • He lays the vinyl sheets and finishes it off by blending the seams to match the vinyl color.

The following is a transcript of the video.

Hugo Imsland specializes in floors and walls.

Vinyl is easy to clean and waterproof.

First, the initial flooring is lifted, sanded, and cleaned.

Next, a base primer is poured and spread out evenly.

Then a trowel and spike roller smooth out the self-leveling mixture.

This releases air bubbles so they don't form on the surface.

These bubbles can cause lifting or cracking down the line.

An adhesive layer is rolled across the space…

To help the vinyl sheets stick.

Once a vinyl sheet is placed over the adhesive...

A rubbing board secures it and removes any air.

Then a groove is cut to prepare the seams for welding.

A heat gun helps Hugo mold the vinyl...

To fit into the corners of the walls and floors.

Each joint is carefully welded together.

This ensures debris doesn't get caught in the grooves.

This will fully waterproof the vinyl.

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